Data and Sound has been serving the commercial audio, visual and control systems’ requirements of the southeastern United States and California for over 20 years. We are proud of the state-of-commercialthe-art equipment, in-depth system design assistance and expert installations that we have provided to industrial, educational, business, resorts and houses of worship during that time.

Your commercial establishment, no matter what community it serves, has a very specific, unique purpose and demographic. A school board may want to improve the sound system in the auditoriums of a school district, a CEO may be in the market for an updated conference room to improve the image of the company, or a theater group may want to impress its audience with professional audio and video equipment.

The professionals at Data and Sound are always available to upgrade your audio systems and your video equipment to the next level, with the top-quality brands available, for your unique venue. From design to installation, we work closely with our customers to ensure that their specific needs are met and exceeded.

We offer complete integration of the best audio systems and video equipment for your particular needs. Then, we can provide the ability to control every element, utilizing the extensive line of products by Crestron…the leader in system integration and automation.

Data and Sound has helped the following types of organizations improve their communication systems, upgrade their image and provide superior services to their audience.

Conference Rooms

commercial conference roomsImpressing your audience is the first rule of thumb when giving a presentation or conducting a meeting. Dull, antiquated equipment projects (pun intended) an unfavorable image of the organization. A presentation utilizing state-of-the-art video solutions and a high-fidelity sound system that can incorporate video conferencing with ease, will create a feeling of success among the attendees.

Theaters/Recording and Dance Studioscommercial projection screens

Whether you are conducting a dance recital or presenting a Shakespearean tragedy, your audience deserves the best version of your performance possible. An outdated audio or video projection system can leave the audience with a negative opinion, no matter how perfect the human performance! Guarantee that every show receives rave reviews with Data and Sound’s professional guidance that ensures rich sound quality and the best in visual projection technology. We will provide the audio, visual and control systems that make every production a hit!

Houses of Worship

commercial house of worshipData and Sound can provide the equipment that will allow your congregation to enjoy edited videos that can enlighten them and reinforce your message. A video system that includes professional products and a high-quality audio configuration will hold the attention of your members and impress visitors.

Classrooms and Campus Buildingscommercial campus

Today’s students have come of age during a time when they are surrounded by high-tech equipment and cutting-edge communication methods. When they are attending school, no matter the level of education being imparted, they expect a certain level of sophistication in the technology being utilized. The products and services of Data and Sound are the perfect solution to many on-campus issues, such as communicating urgent messages to all students on campus, providing digital signs that are easily updated from a computer to give directions, class schedules or notices of upcoming events. Professional sound equipment can eliminate acoustical problems in an auditorium or classroom and security can be enhanced with the use of integrated audio and visual systems.

Data and Sound…The Solution Resource

As you can see, the products and professional services of Data and Sound can address many issues faced by commercial establishments every day. Upgrading to 21st century technology can ultimately improve a business, have a greater impact on members of any organization, provide assistance to students and ensure the success of a performing arts center!

Audio and visual systems, and the ability to control and integrate them, is our entire focus. Data and Sound will always provide the best in equipment and professional guidance to ensure the success of your project.

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