allen & heath Data and Sound is proud to offer the audio mixing products of Allen & Heath. This company got its start during the explosion of the London music scene during the 1960s.

From building by hand the mixers used by Pink Floyd and The Who, to today’s top-quality contributions to the music industry, their reputation is stellar.

In the 21st Century, Allen & Heath products have evolved due to the experience and dedication of sound engineers who are at the heart of every element of every system. Today’s mixing systems are relied upon by the top bands, DJs, broadcasters and studios around the world.

Headquartered in Cornwall, UK, their research and development team is constantly working on the latest technology to ensure that every product line meets the current needs of their clients. Their high standards of audio excellence have resulted in their position as leaders in the mixing technology industry.

They offer several product lines, each of which is focused on the real-world requirements of the end users. The systems range from analog to digital versions of mixing installations, all of which have received high praise from some of the icons of the audio world for the quality of their FX emulations.

Briefly, these are just some of the Allen & Heath systems that are offered by Data and Sound:

dLiveS Class was designed specifically for professional tour, broadcast and demanding commercial and public installations. The system has the flexibility to handle the critical requirements of live performances, while providing the sound engineer with easy access to powerful tools. This accessibility allows the operator to focus on the real-time mixing.

GLD Series is a full-range digital mixing system that combines the highest in audio quality with an easy-to-manage workflow. With in-depth experience at sporting events as well as smaller venues, it has earned a Chrome Edition, with sleek styling, embedded plugin FX and new compressor models on all channels.

The GLD Editor software is the best complement to the mixing system, providing added range to the control options.

Qu Mixers are related to the dLive and GLD systems, but have been designed as compact digital mixers. The industry has shown a preference for these products on tour and in live performances. They are considered a premium element that is reliable, while producing the audio quality of much larger systems. The Qu Mixers fulfill the total potential of digital mixing technology, including easy recording and playback options, iPad control and automatic mic mixers.

ZED Series offers a perfect solution for smaller installations in churches and schools, for example. These mixers provide musicians and bands with superior audio performance based on the quality that is inherent in every Allen & Heath product line. This series is also the go-to for PA and AV rental opportunities.

ME Series Is a personal mixing system that is compatible with many other digital mixers.

MIXWIZARD4 Series are top-quality, tough, rack-mount-capable, all-purpose mixers.

Other product lines include matrix mixers for fixed installations, compact, high-performance analog mixers and compact, budget-friendly broadcast mixers.

At Data and Sound, we carefully choose the products that we offer.They must meet the high standards we have developed as our criteria.

Our customers know they can rely upon any of our systems to meet a high level of quality and value.