biampBiamp digital signal processing solutions are the backbone of many of the installations carried out by Data and Sound. We rely on their superior, professional, high-quality products to enhance any audio situation and exceed any communication requirement.

Wherever you may roam in the world, chances are you have encountered an audio solution by Biamp. Their products are playing a role in many public venues, such as airports and shopping malls, where transferring information through audio systems is important, both to business and to people on the move.

Every audio function requires a specific solution and Biamp has created systems and products that enhance communication, are flexible when situations change and work in every size and type of space. Many projects seem too complex for a simple solution, but with the wide range of Biamp components available, there is a way to engineer the audio distribution and source for any scenario.

Data and Sound proudly works with Biamp Systems to ensure that our clients receive the top-quality products that will meet high-performance standards and provide value for their investment.

As proof of the quality of Biamp’s solutions, they were honored in 2016 to receive 8 industry awards, among the categories were 2016 Excellence in Product Innovation, Favorite Systems Product and Best Tech Support.

Whether you require an audio solution for a large public space or a conference room, whether it involves an acoustic problem or network paging, there is a Biamp solution just waiting for your project.

Biamp brands include:

Audia: The Audia digital audio platform combines hardware and software to create high-quality design configuration and networking potential in complex configurations. Audia provides processing power for any size installation, delivering acoustic echo cancellation technology to ensure clear, natural sound in every setting.

Devio: This tool brings full power, high-quality audio to smaller spaces. It allows a project discussion to move from a desktop into a conference room with its unique microphone technology. It will track and mix conversation around the table and allow every participant to enjoy the same audio tone and clarity. The echo cancellation technology will lower echo and feedback and reduce ambient background noise.

Nexia: For distance-conferencing or audio that must be clearly heard in several rooms, this is the solution. Nexia was hailed as one of the “coolest products of the year,” in its debut year. As one of the digital signal processors with open architecture, it allows networking without excessive investment. Nexia offers both teleconferencing and videoconferencing processors that provide clear audio during multi-person conversations using 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth.

Oreno: Mobile control for the Tesira audio and video platform, it is user-friendly, runs on almost any mobile device and has three components.

Oreno Creator allows you to create and produce Tesira control interfaces. The pre-built templates save time and effort.

Oreno Manager provides connection to perform administrative tasks and access to management tools.

Oreno User Interface creates an effortless user experience featuring easy logins, default settings, etc., as a web-based solution.

Tesira: The base for your media system, Tesira is Biamp’s main audio and video platform. It offers superior A/V processing parameters while saving time and resources.

Vocia: This is the tool that you want for your network paging and voice evacuation requirements. The system is flexible and works in a simple overhead situation or can span multiple areas and buildings.