Commercial Audio Systems

d&bd&b audiotechnik operates as a manufacturer of high-quality loudspeaker and audio systems for commercial locations.  With the best in integrated solutions and audio technologies, they have become one of the most recognized names in the business.  A d&b system is not just a loudspeaker, not just an amplifier.  A d&b system is a solution.  With integrated components including loudspeakers, mechanical accessories, amplifiers and software for performance enhancement, d&b is sure to have the audio solution for you!


What d&b Offers

Audiotechnik has many audio components to offer your commercial location, these include:


Delivering scalable flexibility, their loudspeakers offer maximum efficiency. Dedicated rigging accessories and paint finishes specific to your taste offer seamless visual integration, making them perfect for any commercial location.  Each loudspeaker offers the trademark qualities, including: low weight, constant directivity, subwoofer technology and integrated flying equipment.

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Another one of their dependable lines, their all-embracing functionality can be accessed through Ethernet or CAN-bus, which provides all the power to control your system. d&b’s amplifiers are designed specifically to sync with their loudspeakers, giving the user control over their entire audio system.  Whether you’re in need of a discreet installation in a small venue, or a large theatrical setup, d&b has got you covered.

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Networking and Integration

d&b’s approach to networking and integration systems ensure that your remote controls work seamlessly with your audio devices and sound reinforcement systems. In fact, “The d&b four channel D80 and D20 as well as the installation specific 10D and 30D can be controlled using Ethernet via the Open Control Architecture (OCA) protocol, developed by the OCA alliance of which d&b audiotechnik is a founding member.” –An excerpt from their website.

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Software: With advanced remote control and monitoring systems, they provide centralized solutions for the complete management of a system from anywhere in your commercial venue, as well as the software to accompany it.  d&b offers simulation