electro-voiceData and Sound enjoys providing clients with Electro-voice, one of the best audio and visual equipment and components available on the market today. We work only with brands that we can offer with full confidence that they will perform reliably for many years to come.

The Story of Electro-Voice

Speaking of many years…we rely on a company with a 90-year history of producing excellence in speaker quality. Electro-Voice got its start with stadium loudspeakers through an interesting connection with Knute Rockne! When he was sidelined from coaching his beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team due to an illness, a tower was built for him to oversee the field and direct his team. 2 South Bend engineers had just started an audio equipment manufacturing business and they created the first portable PA system for Rockne’s use. He was thrilled and called it, “my electric voice,” which gave an idea to the company owners, and Electro-Voice was born.

There have been thousands of technological advances since then. Materials, manufacturing methods and venues have gone through many generations of improvement. The products offered today are used all over the world by the best in touring professionals, business conferences, hotels and every venue imaginable.

Data and Sound and Electro-Voice work together to ensure that every audio problem has a cutting-edge solution.

The speakers offered under the Electro-Voice name cover every possible requirement, whether a huge arena or a small conference room.

The product lines are broken down this way:


Ask any professional musician and they will tell you that they must have superior performance from quality components night after night. They cannot cancel a performance when there is an audio problem, so the dependability of their equipment is critical. Electro-Voice has taken the feedback from professional performers and created a superior line of specialty audio components that blow away the competition. The design of the next generation X-Line products is changing the entire audio experience. The performance of the line-arrays that are offered in a compact, flexible and easily set up package is ground-breaking.

Install Xlci

The XLC line has been re-designed to allow permanent installations of the high-performance modules. The visual appeal will complement any surrounding architectural style, while offering the high sound power and quality that is expected of an Electro-Voice speaker.

Portable PA

Equipment that must be moved from club to arena to stage must have additional characteristics, besides producing full-range, rich, clear sound. The speakers must be light enough for easy transportation and sturdy enough to endure the constant shipping and handling. The ZX/ZXA Series provides all of the above. Contemporary styling combined with high performance standards allows this line to be used on the road or permanently installed, without sacrificing sound quality.


EVID loudspeakers are among the most versatile components available. They are innovatively designed to supply high power, high performance and look beautiful while accomplishing the task at hand. Flexible enough to bring superior audio quality to performance arenas, sports venues, retail locations or conference rooms, the EVID line can be installed with confidence in any setting. The products are available in every installation configuration, including in-wall mount, ceiling mount, compact and surface mount.


The EVM line of musical instrument loudspeakers is one of the most popular with musicians around the world. Guitarists prefer the “tough” EVM12L, which is the reliable, heavy-duty performer, show-after-show, on the road. This 12-inch instrument loudspeaker was introduced in 1983 and has been a top-seller year after year. It produces huge tone and has unbelievable stability at arena-level volumes.