lab.gruppenLab.gruppen is another of the companies with which Data and Sound is proud to be associated. We carry all of their amplifier lines and know that their history, experience and innovation can provide the solution to any amplifier requirement for our clients.

The sound reinforcement and patented technologies created by Lab.gruppen is not to be matched. Their power amplifiers and loudspeaker management systems are utilized by professionals worldwide.

Located in Sweden, the company is considered a leader in innovation and focuses all of its research on its core business-audio technology. Over 35 years of continual growth has brought the company from a basic amplifier manufacturer to its current place in the leadership of the industry. All of the growth comes as a result of constant innovation and development of cutting-edge technology.

The impeccable sonic performance and flexibility of its products constantly set new standards for the amplifier industry.

Data and Sound carries a full inventory of lab.gruppen products, many of which are described below.

D Series

This line offers high quality performance with seamless integration and flexibility. Integration is the focal point of this line of products, the most advanced install-dedicated amplifier platform on the market. This series of amplifiers can be integrated with the broadest range of digital audio and control protocols, which results in unique capabilities when called upon for demanding performances.


Complete integration of the entire platform ecosystem is the key to the PLM+ products. The superior processing power is delivered to make possible the integration of networking, signal processing, amplifiers, power supply and audio I/O.

C Series

Fixed installation amplifier designs require unique features. The complete coverage, 6-year warranty affirms the reputation for quality excellence in these products. With facilities for individual voltage peak adjustment, bridge-mode operation available per channel pair and flexible four-channel and eight-channel amplifiers, they are the specified brand of choice, in any type and size installation.

FP+ Series

Touring causes stress not only to the humans involved, but to the equipment being shipped, handled and installed over and over again in a variety of climates, spaces, and shipping conditions. Another truism about touring is that the show must go on…there is limited time available for setup, delays, anxious work crews and then there are the demands for a perfect performance night after night. A lot to ask of any audio equipment, which can reflect damage by not performing as expected.

In this environment, the FP+ Series is the amplifier platform of choice. This series of products can be relied upon to perform, show after show, and deliver excellent sound, even after suffering a stressful journey.

Another benefit of this series is that the product design allows you to use fewer, smaller and lighter amplifiers and configure racks of any size. An arena-sized system can be easily transported by one person.

IPD Series

When choosing amplifiers, “budget-friendly” is not usually a term that can be used in the same sentence with “superior performance,” and “total reliability.” In order to allow those descriptions to remain connected, Lab.gruppen created the IPD Series. The compact and moderately-priced group of products offer the same high quality performance, the sustainable power output as higher-priced products. In addition, many extras normally not included in lower-cost amplifiers are included in this series at no extra cost, for instance, Ethernet-based networking so that a computer can be used for monitoring and control.

LM Series

These digital audio processors offer multi-format connectivity, user-friendly control interfaces and high core processing power. LM Series processors are unique in that they offer standard analog, AES digital and dual redundant Dante networked connectivity. All three connectivity types are integrated into the core product. Multiple units can be stacked.

Data and Sound offers only top-of-the-line products by the leading manufacturers in the world. They must meet our high standards of quality and performance. Lab.gruppen is the amplifier brand in which we have put our trust and our confidence.