Why choose Primacoustic?

primacousticPrimacoustic delivers complete acoustic solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in studio and live sound and 15 years of experience with acoustic products, Primacoustic understands what goes into professional acoustic paneling.  Primacoustic prides itself on its special brand of customer service and is confident that consumers will love their incredible acoustic lines.

Primacoustic firmly believes that by sharing their knowledge of acoustic products, consumers will not only gain a better understanding but help pass that understanding on to others. 

Looking for the best in commercial acoustic solutions?  Primacoustic systems are ideal for locations such as:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Educational Centers
  • Offices
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Sports Venues
  • Communication Centers

Primacoustic’s Line of Products

Primacoustic’s professional line of commercial acoustic products include:

  • Recoil Stabilizers: the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer™ is a speaker mounting device that eliminates annoying resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, reducing recoil from the forward energy that loudspeakers create.
  • Studio Tools: these include GoTraps, FlexiBooths, VoxGuard VUs, Kickstands, CrashGuards, TriPads, KickPlates, Recoils, and IsoPads.
  • Room Kits: these kits are designed to address any acoustical concerns commonly found in many types of rooms by combining wall panels, brass taps, and other hardware. The models include the London 8, London 10, London 12, and London 16.
  • Absorptive Wall Panels: these include the Broadway Panels line, as well as the Paintables line.
  • Ceiling Panels: these are often the best option for acoustic sound control, and include the StratoTile and ThunderTile, Cloud Paintables, the Nimbus and Stratus Lines, and Lantern and Saturna Baffles.
  • Bass Traps: bass traps naturally migrate frequencies to deliver unmatched absorption. Primacoustic’s lines include the MaxTrap, Cumulus, London Bass Trap, FullTrap, and the GoTrap.
  • Diffusions: there is no better way to make a room more comfortable.  Diffusions add a sense of air and space that make playback more enjoyable.  Primacoustic’s lines include the Razorblade, FlexiFuser, and the Radiator.
  • Hardware and Other Accessories: Primacoustic provides several options for mounting their products to make them suit any and all customer needs.

Where Data and Sound Comes in

Data and Sound only accepts the best when it comes to acoustic panels, and we have found it in Primacoustic’s products.  We don’t cut corners when it comes to customer satisfaction, and neither do they. 

If you would like more information on the Primacoustic products we carry, feel free to contact us today at: (706) 374-6008.