NewTek Video Solutions

NewTek’s Brand

“Great video doesn’t have to consume your budget.”  This motto is indicative of the cost-effective products NewTek has to offer.  With NewTek, you can:

  • Tell your story, your way.
  • Train employees anywhere.
  • Re-think the all-hands meeting.
  • Achieve remarkable reach.

NewTek is a video solutions company like no other, offering everything you need to create professional video programs in one turnkey solution!

What NewTek has to Offer

The NewTek umbrella is gigantic, including solutions ranging from integrated production systems to video replay systems and everything in between.  Whether your commercial venue is in need of network recording, media distribution, webcam emulators or other creative elements, your requirements will be fulfilled.

Some of NewTek’s other solutions include:

Corporate video solutions

Whether you’re a start-up looking to get its footing, or an established company planning to streamline its video, NewTek has solutions for you!

            You can find more here.

Sports production solutions

Everything you need for live, on-air productions for any sports team imaginable! With live-streaming and in-venue production for any level, NewTek has just what any team videographer needs.

            You can find more here.

House of worship solutions

Creating personal connections with your congregation has never been easier! Build a thriving congregation with video solutions that are guaranteed to deliver an inspiring message, at a fraction of the price you expected to pay!

            You can find more here.

Education solutions

Children are our future, and they deserve the best when it comes to integrated video solutions. If you’re in need of affordable production tools for the classroom, NewTek has got you covered.

            You can find more here.

Where We Come In

This is merely a fraction of the video solutions that NewTek has to offer, and Data and Sound is here to supply you with their extensive product lines.  If your commercial location is in need of state-of-the-art video solutions, contact our experienced professionals today!