Crestron Commercial Control Systems

Commercial Audio Video InstallersCrestron’s Mission

The Crestron brand builds systems that integrate various technologies. Their automation and control systems allow you to command entire environments within your commercial property with the push of a button.  Crestron’s award-winning solutions are designed to enhance the lives of millions, including you and your staff.  With the Crestron name behind your A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security and HVAC systems, the power is in your hands!

What Crestron Offers

Crestron is the leader in customizable control solutions.  These solutions include:

Multi-Room A/V

Creston can’t be beat when it comes to audio/visual customized control systems.  Every room feels like center stage!  Easy-to-use controls, paired with unparalleled integrated technologies give you the power to deliver dramatic images and rich sound throughout your commercial location when and wherever you need it.

You can find more about Crestron’s commercial A/V solutions here.


When it comes to integrated lighting, Creston believes it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Professional lighting solutions bring a life to your conference rooms, houses of worship, schools and more!  Crestron’s lighting solutions can make your business safer and more inviting.  Crestron can connect commercial lighting systems, providing greater control and lower energy usage for any property.

You can find more about Crestron’s commercial lighting here.


When it comes to commercial-grade shades, Crestron can’t be beat! Providing your conference rooms, classrooms, houses of worship and more with comfort and convenience that is unmatched, preset shading controls provide the perfect environment for the interior of your building.

You can find more about Crestron’s commercial shading solutions here.

Control Devices and System Management

When you come to Crestron, you come for total control solutions. Crestron’s products integrate seamlessly into your workplace and décor, while offering a broad array of control devices to suit any and all of your needs.  Crestron’s lines range from discreet keyboards to flashy keypads, with products for every option in between.  Crestron even offers meeting room solutions for scheduling and managing various internal systems. With Crestron’s products, the sky’s the limit.

You can find more about Crestron’s control devices here and system management here.

Where Data and Sound Comes In

Data and Sound is dedicated to bringing you the best when it comes to control solutions.  From your lighting to your scheduling management, we’ve got you covered.  We are proud to provide our commercial clients with the best in Crestron products, making the most out of your environment.  Having been in the business for more than 20 years, we know a thing or two about integrated solutions, and look forward to helping you with any and all upcoming projects!