Why Choose Luxul in Your Home?

When it comes to residential networking systems, Luxul is an industry leader.  Their style of simple-to-deploy designs have kept their innovative designs forefront in the residential market, and are sure to exceed any of your expectations!

Luxul’s complete solutions line offers simple network design and deployment-resulting in a powerful and effortless system that has been created to integrate your home’s network.  The best part?  Luxul’s systems make installation so painless that homeowners can avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional networking gear. 

All of Luxul’s products come with a lifetime warranty, as well as a three-year limited warranty.  If you’re ready to skip the hardships of traditional home networking systems, Luxul is for you!

Luxul’s Product Lines

The professional-grade networking systems available at Luxul include:

  • Wireless Options: these include wireless controllers, dual-band access points, single-band access points, wireless broadband routers, and wireless range extenders.
  • Routers: Luxul’s router options include wired and wireless routers for any and every homeowner’s convenience.
  • Switches: these include AV PoE managed switches, AV managed switches, AV unmanaged switches, PoE managed switches, and unmanaged switches.
  • Accessories: these include switch accessories and PoE injectors that sync perfectly with Luxul’s products to create a seamless, professional look in your home.

In addition to Luxul’s line of services, they also provide content management.

How Data and Sound Can Help

Luxul Networking Solutions offers homeowners a way to integrate all of their electronic devices.  They allow you to connect to the internet from multiple computers, access files and folders on devices connected to your network, print from multiple sources, and manage security settings from one place.

Data and Sound only promotes the best in home networking options, as our customer’s satisfaction is the number one priority. Our experts can offer guidance to ensure that you choose the products most helpful to your lifestyle and requirements.

When you entrust Data and Sound to handle and install your home networking equipment, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your system is being handled by the most professional and experienced team, with the most reliable products.

If you would like more information on the Luxul products we carry, contact us today at: (706) 374-6008.