Why Choose Marantz?

“Because Music Matters.”  Marantz has dedicated their entire focus in the home entertainment industry to music and audio.  For more than half a century, the Marantz name has been associated with high-end home audio solutions that are made to exceed even the most refined musical palette.

The Marantz history is deeply intertwined with the creator’s love of music.  When Saul Marantz founded the company, he was displeased with the high-end hi-fi systems of the day and strived to build something better.  This resulted in the legendary Model 7 and Model 8 preamplifiers, as well as the 8B Power Amplifier.

Since the 1950s, Marantz has continued to be its best self, creating and innovating products that help bring your music to life!

Marantz Products and Services

Most people enjoy music, but some have a passion for it.  If you are passionate about music, you should be equally passionate about the entertainment system in your home!  That’s where the Marantz product line comes in.  Their top-of-the-line systems include:

  • AV Separates: bring your music game to the next level. These AV separates offer so much performance that it can’t be contained in one box!
  • Wireless Music Systems: don’t want to be tied down? These music systems are for you!  The Marantz music system defies traditional thinking and sets itself apart as a complete audio system, with the look and feel of a more classic option.
  • AV Receivers: Marantz’s AV receivers mean business, and are guaranteed to bring all of your home entertainment equipment to life!
  • Hi-Fi Components: fancy yourself an audiophile? Marantz’s Hi-Fi components offer the best audio quality around.
  • Reference Series: innovative audio engineering and experience have been poured into this series, ensuring an excellent music reproduction device.
  • Accessories: Need anything else to complete your Marantz system? They carry a complete line of home entertainment system accessories to bring your system together!

Data and Sound Can Help You Put it All Together

We pride ourselves in carrying the finest home entertainment system components, which is why we are delighted to offer the Marantz audio line. Let us offer our guidance to help you choose exactly the components that will bring the audio in your home to life and provide entertainment for your family and friends for years to come. If you would like more information on their products and our services, contact us today at (706) 374-6008.