Custom Home Theater Design 

Home Theater InstallationIf you’re a huge movie buff, you know there’s nothing better than being able to view your favorite films in the comfort of your home.  Now, imagine doing this with a screen and sound system fit for a theater!

Data and Sound is here with home theater solutions that are sure to delight your family and guests alike. 

We offer:

  • Automated screens
  • Digital surround sound
  • Custom speakers
  • Projection systems
  • Wiring services

When we design and install a home theater system, Data and Sound brings everything you’ll need for a cohesive look that encompasses everything you’ll need.

Whether you’re interested in viewing your favorite television show, a major sporting event or the latest feature films, you’ll find that a custom home theater is the perfect place for family and friends to gather!

The Data and Sound Experience

What sets us apart?  Data and Sound’s commitment to service keeps us a cut above the rest.  For more than 20 years, we have served the southeastern United States and California.  We have designed, installed, and created home theater systems that combine seamless design with ever-evolving technologies, helping keep our work at the front of the pack.

Data and Sound incorporates the following elements to success, guaranteeing customer satisfaction:

  • Planning: interior evaluation is one of the most important pieces of the home theater design puzzle, and the first step in any of our projects. A well-rounded home theater design is all in the preparation, which is exactly what you’ll get with Data and Sound.
  • Acoustics: playing an essential role in any home theater design, we employ acoustical isolation to ensure pristine sound quality.
  • Lighting Technology: looking for that WOW factor? That’s where our lighting design comes in.  Our lighting design is easy to operate and visually stunning, making it an integral part of the home theater design process.
  • Project Management: the center point of Data and Sound’s approach to theater design, our team’s organization and effort will make your home theater project a success from start to finish. Fast and efficient projects are the name of the game, and our project management services are here to make your dreams a reality.

Contacting Us

Data and Sound is located in Mineral Bluff, Georgia, but we provide home theater design services to the greater southeastern United States, as well as California.  If you’re looking for the best in home theater design services, contact us today at (706) 374-6008.